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This article is more than the usual summary of other essays; it also presupposes an analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of Scripture.

Knowing how to write a critical work is essential for several reasons: the review delivers the intended audience, the point is given, and the ideas and information are presented in a coherent way. In addition, a critique examines the way the article is organized, determines the information the author presents on the subject, gives an assessment of the content of that information, as well as the interpretation and interpretation by the authors; and a good critique means that one must recognize the prejudices of an author.

For starters, a group of individuals builds their research on the basis of previous research. One should therefore be able to analyze what was previously stated as empirical evidence for the theory developed. This means examining the validity and reliability of what others have proposed, as evidence and theory, to examine the legitimacy of the theory itself.

In addition, one should be able to see how the findings, thoughts and conclusions of others are related to one’s own research and opinion on this issue. It is also crucial to be able to summarise exactly what the report offers in terms of your own findings. It is easy to understand why universities and their teachers at all levels of the discipline insist on assigning criticism.

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