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EssayWritingService is a company that provides editing, writing, and consulting services for students who need academic assistance. We believe that words are powerful. We also believe that words should empower people instead of being a hurdle on the way to success. That is why our main goal is to propel students forward with the power of words. Each essay is a pace on the way forward.


Our Mission

We strive to empower students for higher achievements by giving them back their time. By “higher achievements”, we don’t mean merely academic scores. We mean fulfilling their potential and being their best selves.

Too many students drop out of college because, at some point, they needed just a little bit of help but they felt like there was no one they could ask.

Each of those students could achieve more, if only they could have just a little time to catch their breath.

We offer this relief by lending the academic expertise of our writers. Because we believe that when a young person is discouraged from reaching their full potential, we all miss out.

Our Promise

As an essay writing service, we guarantee:

Timely Delivery

We know the value of time and we know how high stakes can be for a student. That is why we have the utmost respect for deadlines and guarantee a refund if we fail to meet them.

High-Quality Papers

We want students to learn. That is why our essays are always well-researched and exemplarily formatted. Each one provides guidance for students and serves as a model of the work done right.

Unique Essays

We take plagiarism seriously and don’t tolerate it. We know the risks that students can face because of it. For this reason, before any of our papers reaches you, it’s been double-checked and confirmed to be 100% original.

Proficient Writers

Our writers all have degrees, years of experience in academia, and exceptional personal qualities such as honesty, responsibility, and diligence. All candidates are going through a strict vetting process and only the best end up working with us.

Reliable Service

We are always there when you need us – 24/7, day and night, weekday or holiday. We make everything to be someone you can trust with your most urgent and demanding tasks.

Complete Anonymity

We guarantee the safety of your personal information. It is guarded by encryption, company policy, and our honor.

Your Success

With rising tuition costs, there are hardly any students left, who can afford to go through 4 to 6 years of college without having a job to sustain them. Meanwhile, colleges do not adjust academic load required per semester to accommodate the rising number of students struggling to keep up with studying, working, and caring for their families. There comes a moment when this snowball of responsibilities becomes crushing – and too many students quit.

We want you to know that we are there for you. We are your safety net when there is nothing more to hold on to. With, you can:

Shake off the burden of academic chores

Reclaim your time and freedom

Concentrate on the important projects

Rediscover your hunger for knowledge

Ultimately, achieve more

Be your best self with Essay Writing Service!